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How To Prepare


All audition materials (including sheet music) will be given at the audition. The audition song will NOT be announced prior to the audition. Time will be spent during the audition for students to learn the song provided. 


However, it is encouraged that students wishing to prepare should listen to the entire soundtrack of the musical. ANY of these songs could be used at the audition. 


There will be a dance portion of the audition. A combination will be taught for students to perform in groups. No preparation before the audition is necessary.

Students asked to come for a callback will be given music to prepare that Saturday to be performed at callbacks on Sunday. 


Students are asked to bring the following to the audition: 

  • a pencil

  • wear clothes they can move in 

  • a full waterbottle 

  • healthy snacks 

  • dance shoes (if students do not own dance shoes, dancing barefoot is more than welcome) 

  • a bag to hold all of their belongings 


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